I am seeking MSc. students to advise at  PCC-DIN/UEM. If you are interested, look at my Research Interests and send me an email.

My current students

Marcus Vinícius Bertoncello (MSc. candidate @DIN/UEM - advisor - joins in 2017)

  • OSS Casual Contributors

Carolina Toscani (MSc. candidate @PUCRS - coadvisor - joined in 2016)

  • Gamifying the onboarding of newcomers to OSS projects

Anderson Neira (MSc. candidate @DIN/UEM - advisor - joined in 2016)

  • Investigating profiles of Crowdsourcing developers

Jefferson Silva (PhD candidate @IME/USP - coadvisor - joined in 2015)

  • Role of Summer of Codes on retention of new contributors to Open Source Software communities

Williamson Silva (PhD candidate @UFAM - coadvisor - joined in 2015)

  • Improving the UML Learning by using Active Learning approaches

Alexandre Zanatta (PhD candidate @PUCRS - coadvisor - joined in 2015)

  • On the barriers faced by newcomers to crowdsourcing platforms

My previous students

João Choma (MSc. Degree @DIN/UEM - coadvisor - 2015-2017)

  • Software Product Lines

Luiz Felipe Fronchetti (Undergrad)

  • Impact of OSS project migration to social coding environment

Felipe Veiga Ramos (Undergrad)

  • Casual Contributions to Open Source Software projects: what is going on?

Guilherme Castro Diniz and Bruno Mendes de Souza (Undergrad)

  • Gamifying a forge to foster contribution from undergrad students to Open Source projects