I am seeking MSc. and PhD students at PCC-DIN/UEM

I am seeking Graduate students to supervise (Ph.D. in Computer Science   NAU - School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems)

If you are interested, look at my Research Interests and send me an email. When writing the email make sure you explicitly mention what research topic(s) you are interested, and show what you have done related to the topic.

My current students


Ana Claudia Maciel (PhD student @DIN/UEM - joined in 2021)

  • The role of communication channels in Open Source

Italo Santos (PhD student @NAU - joined in 2021)

  • Gamification to support teaching OSS

Jacob McAuley Penney (PhD student @NAU - joined in 2023)

  • Use of LLMs to support Computational Thinking learning



Simone de França (Ph.D. in Computer Science @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2021-2023) - Currently an Assistant Professor @ Universidade Estadual do Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

  • Gamification of Worked Examples Extracted from Open Source Software Projects: An Investigation About Student Engagement in Software Engineering Education

Bianca Trinkenreich (Ph.D. in Informatics and Computing @NAU - supervisor - 2019-2022) - Currently a Post-doc @ Oregon State University 

  • Understanding and Supporting Women's Participation in Open Source Software

Mairieli Wessel (Ph.D. . in Computer Science @IME/USP - co-supervisor - 2018-2021) - Currently an Assistant Professor @ Radboud University (Netherlands)

  • Perception of software bots on pull requests on social coding environments

Williamson Silva (Ph.D. in Computer Science @UFAM - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Currently Assistant Professor @ Unipampa, Alegrete

  • OPENSMALS: Um Repositório Aberto para Auxiliar no Ensino de Modelagem de Software Empregando Estratégias de Aprendizagem Ativa

Jefferson Silva (Ph.D. in Computer Science @IME/USP - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Head of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course @ PUC-SP

  • Engagement in Open Source Software Projects via Summer of Code Programs

Alexandre Zanatta (PhD @PUCRS - co-supervisor - 2015-2019) - Currently a faculty member @ Universidade de Passo Fundo

  • Recommendations for crowdworkers to overcome barriers in crowdsourcing software projects


Simone de França (MSc. @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2019)

  • Um Portal para Catalogação de Worked Examples Extraídos de Projetos de Software Livre para Apoiar o Ensino de Engenharia de Software

Marcus Vinícius Bertoncello (MSc. @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2016-2019)

  • Pesquisa exploratória sobre o perfil e comportamento dos contribuidores casuais no GitHub

Luiz Felipe Fronchetti (MSc. @IME/USP - co-supervisor - 2018-2022) 

  • Um Modelo de Classificação de Documentação para Novatos em Projetos de Software Livre 

Carolina Toscani (MSc. @PUCRS - co-supervisor - 2016-2018)

  • Gamifying the onboarding of newcomers to OSS projects

Anderson Neira (MSc. @DIN/UEM - supervisor - 2016-2018)

  • Investigating profiles of Crowdsourcing developers

João Choma (MSc. @DIN/UEM - co-supervisor - 2015-2017)

  • Software Product Lines


Luiz Felipe Fronchetti (Undergrad)

  • Impact of OSS project migration to social coding environments

Felipe Veiga Ramos (Undergrad)

  • Casual Contributions to Open Source Software projects: what is going on?

Guilherme Castro Diniz and Bruno Mendes de Souza (Undergrad)

  • Gamifying a forge to foster contribution from undergrad students to Open Source projects